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NDHRC needs YOU! [24 Jan 2007|12:40pm]
ND people:

The Name Change Bill (SB 2121) won't be considered in committee this week, so e-mails to the committee will still make a difference. We’re suggesting to focus on “accurately reflecting the Dept’s work” (well over half), rather than the “easier to find” piece. A link to language suggestions can be found below — though, please, speak for yourself and from your experience.

Specifically, Senator Nick Hacker (nhacker@nd.gov) is still on the fence regarding SB 2121, and one thing that could sway him is contact from people outside of Fargo. If you can send a short e-mail, or if you know anyone who could contact him or the committee, it would help a lot.

There is more information on SB 2121 here, and there are language suggestions here.

Senate IBL committee members are:

Chairman Jerry Klein, jklein@nd.gov (voted for the same bill in 2005, in committee & in the Senate)
Vice Chairman Nicholas Hacker, nhacker@nd.gov (voted for the bill in 2005)
Senator John Andrist, jandrist@nd.gov (voted against the bill in 2005)
Senator Terry Wanzek, tmwanzek@nd.gov (elected 2007)
Senator Joel Heitkamp, jheitkamp@nd.gov (voted for the bill in 2005)

Senator Tracy Potter, tpotter@nd.gov (elected 2007)
Senator Arthur Behm, abehm@nd.gov (elected 2007) 


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