jesse (superpopelectro) wrote in nd_queers,

NDHRC needs YOU!

ND people:

The Name Change Bill (SB 2121) won't be considered in committee this week, so e-mails to the committee will still make a difference. We’re suggesting to focus on “accurately reflecting the Dept’s work” (well over half), rather than the “easier to find” piece. A link to language suggestions can be found below — though, please, speak for yourself and from your experience.

Specifically, Senator Nick Hacker ( is still on the fence regarding SB 2121, and one thing that could sway him is contact from people outside of Fargo. If you can send a short e-mail, or if you know anyone who could contact him or the committee, it would help a lot.

There is more information on SB 2121 here, and there are language suggestions here.

Senate IBL committee members are:

Chairman Jerry Klein, (voted for the same bill in 2005, in committee & in the Senate)
Vice Chairman Nicholas Hacker, (voted for the bill in 2005)
Senator John Andrist, (voted against the bill in 2005)
Senator Terry Wanzek, (elected 2007)
Senator Joel Heitkamp, (voted for the bill in 2005)

Senator Tracy Potter, (elected 2007)
Senator Arthur Behm, (elected 2007) 


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